Born Again!


cubicle (Photo credit: kenlefeb)

Every morning
I woke in fear
and stomach churning.

Wondering what
I’d fail to do
and how to feed my family.

Bosses never pleased,
goals ill-defined;
what and why am I?

Would I this day
perform my final task?
Is there no more need for me?

Friday’s mail brings
a Monday meeting
with no agenda!

Weekend dread—
relaxed façade and
happy mask for those I love

Monday comes,
the clock ticks slow:
but still no word on “why.”

Prophetic fear:
my dread came true—
the “slip” was pink

Alas! To my surprise
my joy was real,
my life I loved!

This morn I woke
with energy
for finally I am me!

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As I trudge through life, one day at a time, every once in a while a thought pops to mind.